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Targeted Audience Lists & Subscriptions

Find your ideal customers using targeted marketing lists without having to rely on third-party cookies. Targeted audience lists decrease acquisition costs, expanded reach, increase return on ad spend, and shorten time to close.


Data Laboratory offers access to more consumer, real estate, business, and other unique specialty data than anyone in the industry.

Our 14 proprietary US Databases are compiled and updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and cover over 97% of the most commonly identified target audiences. 

Data & Marketing Services

We simplify complex data to make it accessible for you to use. Standard services include scrubbing, appending information, advanced customer profiling, website visitor profiling, and cold email marketing.

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution gives you a complete 360-degree view of your consumers. Identify your audience and convert them into customers when they’re ready.

Use Data Laboratory’s Identity Resolution to Povide an intuitive customer experience that aligns with your client’s purpose in using your product/service.

About Data Laboratory

Data Laboratory is a consumer identity management, list provider, and data processing company that enables clients to identify and contextually engage audiences across all marketing channels, in a privacy compliant manner, at scale using a wide variety of best of breed national database assets.

was created to solve frustrating issues shared by marketing leaders in today’s global economy. We make data SMART, fueling better decision making and growth.

Born as a research facility for the Real Estate and Property Data industry, Data Laboratory has grown into a trusted partner that processes over 35 billion records annually for our clients.

While the Real Estate space is still our most popular vertical, we’ve expanded our coverage to nearly every industry in today’s modern economy.

Our team of dedicated data scientists, statisticians, and analysts are driven by shared passions. To help customers understand data, guide them in best practices based on their industry, and enable them to harness the power of information to drive sales, marketing, and customer insights.

Why Successful Marketing Teams Start With Targeted Audience Lists

The right data helps sales and marketing teams find their ideal customers and grow the bottom line. Targeted audience lists decrease acquisition costs, expanded reach, increase return on ad spend, and shorten time to close.

Data Lab’s national consumer marketing database covers nearly 95% of all US households, with hundreds of demographic, lifestyle, interest and transactional data fields.

Unique US consumers

US households

Email addresses

US cellphones

Our Technologies

Our data environment is built on Microsoft Azure, which provides an inexpensive and OpEx way of scaling (no hardware to purchase.

We protect the environment on a data ingress / egress perspective by enforcing encryption of data in transport. All data is encrypted at rest within the environment.

All user authentication to access the environment follows zero-trust principles and enforces strong and multi-factor authentication controls.

Scaling the environment can be done in minutes, allowing the us to quickly react to shifting priorities and changing needs quickly.

With the current architecture, data can be managed and explored interactively, but it can also be integrated into workflows, automations, reporting, models, and visualizations.

The environment can support single-pane SIEM and SOAR, enhanced information protection technologies (both at rest and in transit), allows for specialized treatment of PII / PHI data when required, and can support on-demand compliance and regulatory reporting.

We are SOC2, TCPA, GDPR, and CAN-SPAM compliant and meet or exceed all industry best practices.

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