Data Services That Expedite Your Growth

Data Laboratory provides custom data solutions to better understand your customers, build targeted audiences, and enhance product offerings 

✓ Increase Return on Ad Spend

✓ Contact Profiling

✓ Data Hygiene

✓ Email Marketing

Website Visitor Identification

    Create a consumer profile for everyone that visits your website – complete with contact information, interest, demographic, and behavioral intelligence.

    Discover which of your website visitors actually buy your product and how to find more visitors just like them.

    With Visitor ID, you don’t have to rely on social media cookies anymore to retarget website traffic.

    Reach New Customers With The “Look Alike” Audience Builder

    Find your ideal customers and expand your reach using Data Laboratory’s “Look Alike” Audience Builder. Lots of companies sell data, but no one else knows how to use our “Look Alike” Audience Builder to find your ideal customers.

    Data Laboratory creates detailed buyer profiles based off your customers and then matches those profiles to real people who are potential customers.

    Engage Your Customers With Extensive Profiling

      Engage your customers by understanding them with extensive profiling.

      Append contact information, demographic and lifestyle attributes, and even buying behavior to your customer data.

      Stay relevant in competitive markets with personalized advertising and communication that will increase your ROI.

      Data Laboratory offers a full suite of data append services and can provide custom integrations with your current database solution.


      Data Hygiene & Processing

      Use your advertising budget more efficiently by cleaning up your database. Data Laboratory will scrub, dedupe, clean, and validate your database so you can stop wasting your ad dollars.

      We provide a full suite of Data Hygiene & Enhancement services to help our customers get organized.

      • Contact List Hygiene & Enhancements
      • Address Standardization
      • Dedupe/merge-purge
      • Data Normalization (creating unique value structure for similar fields provided by different sources)
      • Change of Address Processing
      • Record Completion (populate blank fields by record in customer data)
      • Phone Append & Verification
      • Email Append & Verification
      • Demographic Appends (Age, Marital Status, Homeowner/Renter, etc)
      • IP Appending
      • Mobile Advertising ID’s

      Custom Data Solutions

        Data Laboratory provides custom data solutions for our clients who need a unique mix of data flexibility.

        If you have a unique business problem dealing with data, we can help. Our Data Scientists have extensive experience creating hybrid solutions of lists, licenses, data services, hosting, and many other resources.

        Our Data Technicians are masters at turning raw, messy, inaccurate and incomplete information into accurate, actionable data.

        Identity Resolution – Complete Consumer Profile

        Identity Resolution gives you a complete 360-degree view of their consumers by unifying online and offline data.

        Deliver personalized messaging at the right time to the right audience.

        Consumer identity data allows marketers to provide the customer experience that’s expected at every stage of the buyer’s journey across all channels.


        Email Marketing Fulfillment

          Send email marketing campaigns to cold lists that you provide or purchase from Data Laboratory.


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          Target Your Audience

          Grow faster, get better returns, and reach more customers by targeting your ideal customers in email campaigns, social ads, digital ads, and any other strategy.


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