Identity Resolution Empowers Marketers To Succeed

Manage and maintain identity for all contacts in your database

✓ Extensive Profiling

✓ Identity Verification

✓ Improve Customer Experience

✓ Increase Return on Ad Spend

Identity Resolution Brings Consumers Into Focus

    Identity resolution is the process of building a comprehensive identity of each contact. We link interactions, identity data, email addresses, phone numbers, mobile ad IDs, transactions, and even predictive segmentation to a single consumer.

    Identity Resolution by Data Laboratory provides the foundation to integrate consumer identifiers across channels and devices.

    Marketing to Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

    Identity Resolution enables marketers to show the right content to the right prospects based on where they are on the buyer’s journey. Consumers move at different speeds with varying levels of buying intention – Identity Resolution ensures that you show them content when they’re ready.

    Identity Resolution Helps With…

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Identity resolution improves a CRM’s first-party data. Starting with data hygiene, de-duping, cleansing, and scrubbing and then appending and enhancing profiles to make marketing across all channels possible and efficient.

    Inbound marketing: Build a more engage audience with relevant, consistent, and compelling messages eneineered to progress contacts through the buyer’s journey. Decrease acquisition costs, and speed up time-to-close.

    Outbound activation: Focus on leads more likely to convert with the right outbound message. Connect with prospects through the right channels, expand reach and reduce advertising & prospecting waste.

    Analytics: Our data scientists and marketers can integrate advanced analytical modeling using Identity Resolution. This allows us to discover new insights that will drive sales, reduce costs and improve customer lifetime value.

    Identity Resolution Keeps Up With Data Decay

      Every 12 months, at least 30% of CRM data is outdated. It shouldn’t take you very long to do some quick math to figure out how much of your CRM database is probably inaccurate.

      Ongoing Identity Resolution ensures that any organization can ensure that it’s database stays current and complete – increasing marketing ROI and customer satisfaction.

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