Data Laboratory offers more consumer, real estate, business, and other unique specialty data than anyone in the industry.

With over 50 multi-sourced national datasets, we provide marketers, analysts, and sales leaders unprecedented access to targeted audiences on a license basis.

Either as standalone datasets or blended together to create custom solutions, we have all the ingredients to build your perfect database!

We provide flexible solutions and amazing license terms for end users, agency partners and value added resellers alike.

Explore with us and we’ll help you grow your business.

Nitro Power™ Identity Database

Built using a proprietary 23 step compilation process, The Nitro Power Identity Data base (NPID) is the ultimate resource for linking consumer identities at scale, across all devices and channels.

Carbon Plus™ Consumer Database

Data Laboratory’s Carbon Plus (™) National Consumer Marketing Database provides demographic, purchase, interest, lifestyle, and behavioral information on over 263 million US Adults. Triple source verified and validated using third party truth sets, you’ll be amazed by the precision and accuracy of this database.

US Business Insights (UBI)

Compiled from a variety of public and private sources, our Business Insights Database allows marketers to connect with decision makers across the global business landscape.

Global Business Insights (GBI)

Over 250 million business contacts from over 180 countries, complete with International Business Codes, Job Titles, Job Functions, contact details and more!

Total Coverage Property Database (TCPD)

Over 165 million commercial and residential properties is compiled from 3 of the largest real estate data sources in the US. Blended from Tax, Deed, and other public record information from 3000 counties nationwide.

I Moved™ New Mover Hotlines

Reach New Movers on a weekly basis with the I Moved National Hot Line. Compiled from public real estate filings, proprietary change of address submissions from online & traditional publishers, and partnerships with top moving companies around the country. Nobody puts marketers in front of New Movers faster than we do.

Foreclosure & Pre-Foreclosure Data

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure data allows you to reach distressed consumers who need your help.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Reach the untapped market of For Sale By Owner listings complete with daily updates. Compiled from over 500 online sources, we provide the broadest and deepest information available in the market. This unique audience of homeowners who are choosing to sell their property without the assistance of a realtor is an ideal target for a wide variety of marketers!

For Rent By Owner (FRBO)

Reaching the For Rent By Owner audience has never been easier! Complete with daily updates, this unique audience of consumers who rent their properties without Property Management or Brokerage assistance are an ideal target audience for a wide variety of industries.

US Bankruptcy Data

Reach distressed consumers who are in the bankruptcy process nationwide. Compiled from public information, we aggregate data faster and more accurately than anyone in the market.

Master Email Linkage Database

With over 900 million email addresses connected to PII, our MELD file allows marketers to connect past and present personas using the most common linking field used by the public today, the email address.

Master Email Marketing Database

Permission Plus (™) Consumer Email Database
Permission Plus (™) Business Email Database

TeleCell Plus™ Phone Database

Our proprietary TeleCell Plus phone database combines public and private sources and validates phone numbers against current and historical data
TeleCell Consumer Phones
TeleCell Business Phones

Canadian Phone Data

Doing business in Canada? Our Canadian Phone data combines business and residential listings for over 8 million properties.

Digital & Social Media Masterfile

With over 2.3 Billion MAID to Hashed Email pairs tied to 263 million US adults, this powerful database provides over 93% coverage for the US population. A True ‘People Based’ data set, we verify against third party truth-sets and use multi-input source validation, providing clients the ultimate confidence in their pursuit of precision and excellence.

InfoDrive™ Auto Data

In depth auto details on over 140 million vehicles nationwide, linked to the Carbon Plus Consumer Database to provide the most accurate information available for both the vehicle and the owner alike.

I Donate™ Master Database

Target donors who contribute to a wide variety of causes, complete with in-depth information about each donor.

VoterMind™ Political Data

VoterMind is a new type of political database, combining historical voting behavior, online political sentiments including varying levels of activity and passion, along with financial contribution data, providing the ultimate political marketing resource in the US.

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