Products and Data Sets

SMART data drives smart decisions. When it comes to building or licensing the correct data for your sales and marketing teams, at Data Labs we help our clients get it right.

Data Services

Do you have data within your organization that you know has value but is currently unusable?

Our Data Technicians are masters at turning raw, messy, inaccurate and incomplete information into accurate, actionable data. We make ‘dumb’ data SMART.

We provide a full suite of Data Hygiene & Enhancement services to help our customers get organized.

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  • Contact List Hygiene & Enhancements
  • Address Standardization
  • Dedupe/merge-purge
  • Data Normalization (creating unique value structure for similar fields provided by different sources)
  • Change of Address Processing
  • Record Completion (populate blank fields by record in customer data)
    • Phone Append & Verification
    • Email Append & Verification
    • Demographic Appends (Age, Marital Status, Homeowner/Renter, etc)
    • IP Appending
    • Mobile Advertising ID’s